Thursday, July 22, 2010

Death of Dreams

The stunning view that I saw through the curtains of my hopeful eyes,
The lovely dreams settling down by the horizon like my true allies.

Those dreams have disappeared in thin air dissolving into dark smoke,
Gone with the wind, away from me, leaving me without hope.

Resting under the blissful shade of my dreams and hopeful aspirations,
Inching towards them, toiling hard to achieve what they promised with focused fixation.

Now I have left those dreams far behind, going away to a place unknown,
Caused by a setback that has left me helpless, grieving, thwarting and alone.

Is this the end of my story, or a new beginning to nurture the relentless desire for my goals? Is this the death of my dreams, or the inception of new hopes as I hold on to my dreams even in the face of bleak abandoned darkness with a strong will to conquer those black holes?

Is this a new morning full of daylight, or is it the beginning of a long dark night ahead.
As I stay clueless and confused with the present state of affairs, searching for a way to tread.

The hands of future time will heal my soul, and nurture me with its relaxing shade.
Or will I stand again at twilight, facing multiple paths, not knowing which is the true one slowly heading for my destruction again.

Will I ever know the answer? I still don’t know.

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