Friday, July 13, 2012

Every now and then
My heart wanders back in time
and all those old feelings
awaken the memories in my mind
And it’s as if it were only yesterday
that we were in love and making promises
we were sure we would always keep
not knowing life would get the best of us
and lead us down paths separately
I can remember at times all too clearly
how you were my love and my friend
And it’s in those moments
that I miss you dearly
and wish we could begin again
Sometimes, it catches me by surprise
the way my heart will ache
as I recall your voice, your kindness
the smile on your face
And I wonder how life might be
if we were still together
Would we have kept our promises?
Would we be happy?
Would we have made it to forever?
I may never know the answers
to these questions
but I know this much is true:
No matter how much time passes
I will always love you

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