Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Nailed is such a crude expression when all's said and done;
it means that you're a hammer and your job's not really fun.
I don't want to bonk or poke or prod in any way;
just to have a moment of that little tay to tay.

To take in all the grandeur that's so meant to be surreal,
the tidal wave and Milky Way are really no big deal.
The universe can be reversed and all of it repealed,
if only when I meet my match it's with a kiss so sealed.

To take it in and smell the juncture of the living flesh,
to know the seeping melody of holy Venkatesh,
to posit in infinitude the union of our fates,
this is then a wall where I might open up the gates.

Taking in the hands and eyes, and seeking bare aflamed,
crossing into lands unchartered, planets still unnamed,
grasping, clasping, trimming sail, and pulling covered noon,
this is how my craftsmanship brings up the fragile moon.

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