Friday, July 13, 2012

Not so perfect me

I knew that when I met you
I’d found a special soul
A lifetime of love
To have and to hold

But all you got from me were struggles
A path of ups and downs
And you patiently waited
As I tried to figure it out
I tried so many times
To give you the perfect me
But somewhere deep inside
I was lost internally
You were such a perfect love
And an even better friend
Everything I could ever want
But I would never let you in
I tried so hard to overcome my fear
The thought of losing you
But still I was afraid
Of what allowing you in would do
I’m sorry if my insecurities
Caused pain inside your heart
It was never my intention
To leave a lasting scar
I regret every single day
That I wasn’t what you need
And all I ever gave
Was the most imperfect me

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