Friday, September 25, 2015

Her Fall

The dramatic heights of loveliness,
Caressed the soft waves of her hair;
A potent intoxication
Suspended reality in the air.

An hypnotic high; so mellow,
Burnished through enamored eyes.
Mournful tones though, now resound,
In guttural wrenching cries.

The ebb and flow of a peculiar fate;
A world turned on its axis once more.
Those fruits, once thought so delicious,
Are spoiled - rotten to the core.

She had dared to pierce that taut red skin,
Seeking juicy delights beneath,
But neither zing nor sweetness whetted her lips;
An odious pungency caught her teeth.

That wily fervour, from her past
Could not be arrested forever.
Seized by a love; never mutually roused,
Not then, not now – not ever.

She is a Woman

She never compromises
She always sacrifices
She gave life
She is also someone's wife

She cooks and clean
On occasion treated like a queen
She never has time
They say she has reached my prime

They suckle at her breast
The little ones will soon leave her nest
She can be over protective
Taught them all to be respective

Generations have come and gone
Hey fate is her own not drawn
She is a wife, lover and mother
Unique and unlike any other.

Making it?

Creative thoughts are lost among 
the droning drowning din
of battle to ascend a rung
and rake the bennies in

but every now and then I get 
a chance to sit and jot 
the few words that I don't forget
while fighting for that spot 

a grizzled veteran of war
I carry on despite 
the code of conduct I deplore 
ignoring flags of white 

my fuel is running way too low
to fall behind the line
it's hard to overcome a foe
that savors blood like wine.

Mirror Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall
Is it you who sees it all ?
Hanging by the hook, still and silent
You echo deepest fears & scariest concerns.
But is it really you after all ?

I love my eyes for they help me see
But alas !, I don’t see them myself
I count on you to show them to me 
As I can’t see them myself.

It soothes me , but also scares me at times
When you show me, what I don’t see at all times
Wondering, is it really me who sees
At a reflection that claims to be me.